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Front-end Matters

Attendees of the first YOOXlabs Tech Event Alex Alexander, CIO of the YOOX NET-A-PORTER Group
Pictures of the previous YOOXlabs Technology Event

FRONT-END MATTERS is an event hosted by YOOXlabs dedicated to professionals who love the web, love learning and want to get to know all aspects of front-end development. The aim of the meetup is to keep front-end developers always be up to date on technologies and tools to optimize their workflow.

That is why we are opening our doors once again for the second tech show, which will feature some of the latest technologies and tools available in front-end development. Michele Carrì, Founder & CTO at coders51, will give an introduction about the Ember.js Javascript framework followed by four YOOXlabs developers who will explain all about Angular.js, developing an atypical theme for WordPress, how to automate the testing process of websites and web applications, and how to improve workflow with SVG.

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Time Talk Speaker
Welcome drinks and networking
Intro talk - Welcome! Alex Alexander - CIO of YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP
EmberJS Michele Carrì - Front-end Developer
AngularJS - beginner Riccardo Masetti - Wordpress and front-end Developer
Buffet, drinks and networking
Marvin-js: A web testing framework for Node Bruno Scopelliti - Front-end Developer
Develop an atypical theme for WordPress Daniele Balboni - Wordpress and front-end Developer
SVGZR grunt contrib - simplify SVG (+ fallback) workflow with Grunt Alfonso di Tollo - Front-end Developer
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About YOOXlabs

Know-how, passion for technology and eagerness to innovate go through our YOOXlabs, which is an integrated part of YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP’s technology department. YOOXlabs aims to stay always ahead of the curve when it comes to embracing innovation in terms of cutting-edge and flexible technology for the multi-brand online store and for all online flagship stores Powered by YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP.

YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP’s state-of-the-art technology platform tailored to online fashion has been the catalyst for acceleration to innovation enabling the fusion between eCommerce and luxury. YOOXlabs is in fact the pulsing heart of our Innovation, understood as constant 360° improvement, essential part of YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP. As the online luxury consumers evolve, YOOXlabs is taking the lead in rethinking the opportunities that omni-channel can bring to our customers around the world. We are combining online, mobile, social and physical stores to give our customers a fully integrated and seamless shopping experience, which is truly unique for the luxury industry.


The event will take place in the beautiful YOOXlabs Headquarters in Zola Predosa (BO), Via Nannetti 1

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In which language will the talks be?
Due to the audience we're expecting, all the talks are going to be in Italian language. The slides, though, will be presented in English.
Who can participate to this event?
Everybody who's interested in getting to know YOOXlabs and knowing more about the topics discussed. You're welcome to join us!
Is this event part of a series?
Yes! This is the 2nd YOOXlabs Tech Event. The previous event was named "Scaled enterprise cloud services powered by AWS" and occurred on September 22nd, 2015.

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